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21 Sep 09

Heartbeat of America TV hosts William Shatner & Doug Llewellyn interview Michael McKibben, founder and chairman, Leader Technologies® and James Sobwick, chief operating officer, for the syndicated TV series that highlights American entrepreneurs. This interview is part of Shatner’s long-running Keeping America Strong series highlighting companies since 911 that are moving America business forward. Mr. McKibben describes Leader’s innovations as well as its new Web 2.0 audio conferencing and voice alerting services.

Heartbeat of America TV Interview – Origins – Part 1/3

Heartbeat of America TV Interview – Products – Part 2/3

Heartbeat of America TV Interview – People – Part 3/3


2 Sep 09

Welcome to Leader Phone®. We encourage you to read through this blog for ideas on new ways to use Leader Phone® to improve your productivity and effectiveness. Most users of audio conferencing have very low expectations of their service. This is because audio conferencing has historically not received much research and development attention from the carriers, even though it is a $5 billion industry! Leader patent pending social media innovations have changed all that.

Feel free to post your ideas and ask questions of our moderators.