11 Feb 10

Don’t be fooled: Productivity is more than finding the cheapest audio conferencing minutes

By Michael T. McKibben, Founder & Chairman, Leader Technologies®


Audio conferencing is an overlooked business productivity subject with potentially huge ramifications on profitability. Historically users only had one choice, so there were no alternatives to study. AT&T ran audio conferencing out of its call centers and you paid a dollar a minute for the privilege. Consequently, only large companies used the services. A decade ago several vendors built conferencing “boxes” that the telecos implemented that at least meant users could start calls without being forced to use expensive operators. Today, those box have been depreciated and we now see several dozen vendors offering cheap minutes… at least cheap until their technology boxes die and they will need to reinvest. With these boxes, you still have few options and have the added complexity of crazy billing practices to mask hidden charges. Studying productivity enhancement possibilities in this second wave of un-innovation was equally not a useful exercise.

Until Leader Phone® Pro there has been little innovation in audio conferencing technology, few features, and therefore, no reason to study productivity improvement options. However, the Leader Phone® features offer an array of productivity tools that can make your team meetings more efficient and effective because your people costs are generally your number one expense. Therefore, any time you can shave 10, 20, 30 minutes off a conference call involving 20 people, you can create enormous people-cost savings.

For example, how many times have you had people on a conference call and you had to sit their for ten minutes waiting for stragglers before starting the conversation? Leader Phone® Pro Star*1 can eliminate that wait. The host simply has to press *1 on his/her keypad, then the phone number of the straggler. While the conference has started, the system calls the straggler. No more waiting (and wasting valuable personnel time). With conventional conferencing, the on-time participants simply had to wait until the host went off line, called the straggler, and the host then came back on the call and everyone waited for the straggler to dial in. Very unproductive. The productivity improvements numbers can be mind boggling. Click here to read more about Leader Phone® productivity features and benefits.

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