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  A greener look at audio conferencing  

July 18, 2008 (Columbus) — Save money, save the earth. This is fast becoming the mantra of today’s businesses as they substitute phone conferencing for expensive, carbon emission-producing meeting travel.  Now Leader Technologies® is adding a third verse to the mantra – save yourself a lot of hassle and even more money by using Leader Phone®, a state-of-the-art audio conferencing product that offers advanced features as well as a lower per-minute cost than its competitors.

According to Leader Chairman Mike McKibben, “Leader’s Web 2.0 innovations in audio conferencing have greatly improved calling quality and service while reducing cost. We’re a small company – another point in our favor in terms of our impact on the environment – but we offer features that bigger companies don’t.”

John Needham, the coordinator of Leader’s Get Green program, oversees sales as well as details like a calling card made from recycled materials and a list of green non-profits for an innovative company donation policy.  But he is convinced that Leader’s greatest contribution to a greener earth is through its ground-breaking products.

Leader Phone® has it all – advanced features, higher quality, and lower prices.  And like it says at our web site: every call makes the world a greener place.”

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