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White Papers
  • The Future of Campus Alerting - Timely and informative alerts can save lives, unify response, stop rumors, and prevent panic (pdf)

    The tragedy at Virginia Tech University on April 17, 2007 has school administrators across the nation looking for better ways to notify students, faculty, staff and even worried parents, friends, relatives and alumni about threatening situations. Security experts believe that timely notices to students and faculty, warning of a possible gunman on campus, might have lessened or even prevented the loss of life that followed. Hindsight is 20-20. No one knows for sure whether any kind of alert could have prevented the scope of this tragedy. A lone, crazed gunman with no previous history of violence is impossible to predict. However, we owe it to the memories of the students and professors whose lives were lost to try and make sense out of the lessons learned, so that future lives may be spared the suffering so needlessly inflicted upon so many.


  • Heroes in the Storm - How Louisiana's elected officials took advantage of Leader teleconferencing to manage the Katrina disaster (pdf)

    Although media pundits have been relentless in their criticism of Louisiana’s crisis management since Katrina swept across the Gulf to ravage New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, they have ignored one vital area that the state managed very well: a coordinated emergency communications effort among all the state agencies, federal disaster agencies, and elected officials statewide. After August 28, 2005, one of Louisiana’s emergency phone systems was not only entirely functional throughout the disaster, but it grew to include real-time recorded and web-posted reports. And, it helped support collaboration among a large group of unsung heroes in this disaster...


  • Responding to the Unpredictable - Unleash problem-solving creativity with conference call and Internet tools (pdf)

    One of the many lessons learned from the Hurricane Katrina disaster is that ordinary people can be both heroic and creative when faced with an unforeseen situation, even one of massive proportions. These heroes were forced by circumstance to respond to a major disaster that on the one hand, could not be predicted, but on the other hand, could be predicted to be unpredictable. A second lesson emerges from the first in regard to communications in an unpredictable situation...
  • Leader2Leader® What convergence was meant to be™ (pdf).

    Do you collaborate using email, voice mail, chat, file sharing, conferencing calling and web conferencing among multiple teams, vendors and customers? If so, you know how confusing it can be to keep track of everything. Don’t you wish you had a way to streamline and organize your daily workflow, bringing organization to the chaos? Something that would work on ANY platform? Now you can. Leader Technologies has developed a revolutionary new way for organizations to communicate, store and search for documents, set and coordinate tasks for individuals or teams, monitor the progress of a project or projects, easily share information with the entire organization or just a particular group, and share “best practices”. Our technology allows all individuals in an organization to share and develop ideas freely. All of this happens easily via the Internet, without adding another layer of software to your network.

  • Leadership Software® Overcomes Data Silo Barriers, Offers a New Way to Work™ (pdf).

    After over five years of intensive R&D, Leader will start taking the wraps off its core, patent pending communications platform, Leader2Leader® in the coming months. This White Paper is the first public statement from the company about key research findings that drove development of its Digital Leaderboard technology engine.


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