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Leader2Leader® - Smart Portals

Leader2Leader® is a revolutionary new Information Rights Management Platform, sometimes referred to as a "smart portal." Traditional "rights management" involves network access, permissions, authentication, and encryption. IRM extends this concept to the information being shared among stakeholders — in other words, who should be granted access to a given piece of information and under what conditions. At its most basic level IRM defines who gets access to the information on a given topic. However, real life circumstances are never this simple. Stakeholder groups come in all sizes. Members of stakeholder groups change frequently thus requiring constant directory updating. Stakeholders use a myriad of communication media. Leaders need the flexibility to open up or lock down information sharing granularly as the circumstances dictate. Further, Leaders need to organize that information so that it becomes "intellectual capital" for later benefit. The Leader2Leader® Information Rights Management Platform is designed to extend IRM with embedded browser-based communication features that actually facilitate information sharing and collaboration across information silos.Contact Leader Sales at (614) 890-1986 to sign up or email sales@leader.com.

Download Leader2Leader® White Papers & Executive Briefings: (pdf)
1 Leader2Leader® White Paper
2 Key Performance Resources Platform
Business Continuity Platform Briefing
4 Homeland Security Information Rights Management Platform Briefing
5 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Monitoring Platform

Leader2Leader® enables:
- Scalable rights management
- Indexing & content repository
- Collaboration environment
- Online communication tools
- Directory management
- File & document sharing
- Manage remote teams
- Granularity of data access

- Accessible from any web device
- Complete business continuity platform

Leader2Leader® offers you:

Powerful, scalable rights management & business continuity environment.

On-line interactive platfomr that integrated voice, video and data conferencing.

Online organization of your strategic & tactical information as you use it.