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Leader Conference® is a Web 2.0 communications service that provides audio conferencing, web conferencing and alerting. It provides two levels of audio conferencing: (1) Leader Phone® is the first innovation in audio conferencing in almost 20 years. It is built on patent pending innovations which give you more features and higher quality at less cost; (2) Leader Dialog® gives you basic Leader Phone® services in situations where you have no central budget and everyone pays their own charges. Leader Meeting™ web conferencing allows you to share presentations and documents online with Leader Phone®. Leader Alert® delivers mass voice, texting and email messages. Read more below or click on the brand name for easy 1-2-3 sign up instructions.

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Audio Conferencing
Web Conferencing
9.5¢ per minute
(No hidden fees)

Basic features
(No invoice; paid by sponsor; you pay only your normal long distance charge)

20¢ per minute
Premium features
(No hidden fees)
  • Clear voice quality
  • 800 Toll-free dial-in
  • Wireless & VoIP support
  • Invoiced monthly
  • No contract (pay for use)
  • 24x7x365 reservationless
  • Web 2.0 control console
  • Direct dialing
  • Record & MP3 playback
  • Privacy options
  • Directory options
  • Outlook® Contacts compatible
  • Call history
  • Call scheduling
  • Group dialing
  • 1 & 2 PIN Meet Me
  • Billing options
  • Mute/unmute (from web console & handset)
  • Volume controls
  • PBX dial-thru
  • Operator option
  • Email announcements with file attachments
  • Custom announcement
  • Online call notes
  • Online & dial in news option
  • Alert notification add-on
  • Outlook® Calendar
    add-on option
  • Clear voice quality
  • Long distance call (tolled)
  • Wireless & VoIP support
  • No invoice
  • No contract (pay for use)
  • 24x7x365 reservationless
  • Blog administration screen
  • Email call report
  • Free blog
  • 1 PIN Meet Me
  • Mute/unmute (from handset)
  • Volume controls


  • High speed supported
  • Web URL accessed
  • Supports major browsers
  • Invoiced monthly
  • No contract (pay for use)
  • 24x7x365 reservationless
  • Web 2.0 control console
  • Outlook® compatible
  • Event moderator options
  • Email announcements
  • Chat
  • Application sharing
  • Desktop sharing
  • Polling
  • VoIP-capable
  • Browser sharing
  • Yahoo® IM support
  • Whiteboard with markers
  • Video casting
  • Audio casting
  • Session recording


Alert Notification

Priced according to required level of service.
Click here to learn more.

Traditional audio conferencing limited you to one plain vanilla choice. You received a dial-in number and a PIN from an operator. Many times you had to schedule the call in advance. The only change to these features occured almost 20-years ago with reservationless Meet Me. Audio conferencing was historically an appendage on a telecommunications contract - a necessary evil. Consequently, there was no customer service. No ground-breaking R&D was conducted to make it better... until Leader® came along. We hope to raise your expectations... and meet them.

Leader Phone® is our full-featured audio conferencing service. Leader Dialog® gives you another billing option for audio conferencing in situations where you have no budget and you need everyone to pay their own call costs, for example, for community, education, church, homeland security and political events. Leader Meeting™ web conferencing then allows you to present slides and documents online, which is the next best thing to being in the same room. Finally, Leader Alert® alert notification extends your communications reach dramatically by enabling you to broadcast voice, texting and email notices to 10's, 100's, 1000's or 10,000's.

Leader Phone® audio conferencing changes the playing field. You get full Web 2.0 controls, security and privacy options, group dialing, VoIP and wireless support, call history, 24x7 friendly support. These innovations help ensure reliability, easy of use, and crystal clear quality. Leader Dialog® offers high quality basic services for applications where central billing is not feasible.

Leader Phone® green audio conferencing perspectives
A greener look at audio conferencing...

Leader Phone® can save you over $1,000 in time, materials and expense for the average meeting of six people who drive 30 miles to attend a meeting. This is a 224% savings. The additional green benefit is that this phone conference will reduce carbon emissions into our atmosphere by 165 pounds.

Leader Phone® can save you over $6,500 in time, materials and expense for the average same-day meeting of six people who fly 500 miles to attend a meeting. This is a 1,486% savings. The additional green benefit is that this phone conference will reduce carbon emissions by 6,900 pounds.

(Source: Sightline Institute: "How Low-Carbon Can You Go: The Transportation Ranking". Sightline Institute. Last accessed 12 July 2008.<http://www.sightline.org/maps/charts/climate-CO2byMode>.)


The Leader Phone® Direct Dial feature enables you to add new participants simply by pressing *1 and their number. Gone will be the days of wondering if a no-show got the message about the call and has the right dial in number and PIN. You'll call them right from the conference call, without getting off line.


The Leader Phone® Record feature enables you to record any call you wish simply by pressing *4. At the end of the call you will receive an email, username, and password with a link to a secure website where you can listen to the recording and download it if you wish.

Leader Phone® and Leader Dialog® both include call control features like *2-increase volume, *8-decrease volume, *7-mute and *9 unmute.

Leader Phone® Group Dial also gives you the ability to have the system automatically dial all the participants at once, without you having to distribute a call schedule, numbers and a PIN, and then wait for the stragglers to show up for the conference. Everyone is called by Leader Phone at the same time... when you click Call Now. Here's an illustration of how it works.

  "I really appreciate Leader's support and responsiveness to us immediately after the storm when we needed a communications solution quickly, and you all delivered." (Photo: Lauren Victoria Burke)

Andy Kopplin
Chief of Staff to the Governor of Lousiana (during Hurricane Katrina)
Executive Director, Louisiana Recovery Authority


"I would definitely recommend this for attorneys. Pros: Ease of use, Web-based access; Cons: Minor...You can use this product easily and it's almost intuitive."


      "A recent Kansas study of just three months of conference call charges showed that Leader Phone offered savings of 55 percent over our current carrier..."
Telecommunications Director,
The State of Kansas

"Leader support people are very friendly and helpful. They started me out with the more familiar features, but now I'm a power user. I can't believe that such useful features have not existed before Leader."

Investment Banker


Leader Phone® Web 2.0 Control Console
Telephone and Web services have not been integrated historically. The best telephone services have been able to do is set up a web portal where you can manage your account and billing information. Leader engineered a new paradigm using concepts now called "Web 2.0" or "Semantic Web." This means for you get voice and data services that really work together. Klugey linking technologies are eliminated as is the need for operators and expensive technical assistance. Leader passes these savings and feature enhancement to you.

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