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Cumbersome. Hidden charges. Wasted time. Interlopers. Uncaring operators. No innovation. Inflexible. All serious drains on your productivity. Fortunately, Leader Phone® makes audio conferencing possible for everyone with a proven, secure and easy-to-use service. Sign up now. There's nothing to install. It's simple. You can start audio conferencing right away. – Innovations like Star *1 blast dial
– 9.5¢ per minute for Pro
Every Leader Phone® dollar saves you $30 in people-productivity cost — a 3,000% ROI* How Leader Phone® Works 1. Sign up
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2. Make conference calls
You receive a dial-in number and PIN. Share them with your participants. Your PIN will never expire unless you choose to cancel it.

3. Enhance productivity
Once comfortable with the basics, upgrade to Leader Phone® Pro to further improve your productivity.
The savings are dramatic.
*For an in-town travel meeting lasting one hour with six employees.
  • One-step, high-quality features: Elegant engineering creates ease-of-use. Leader Phone® engaged award-winning designers.
  • VoIP & wireless integrated: Participants can use any kind of phone device.
  • Smart-server technology: Patent pending technology allows scalability for large and small applications.
  • Automated backoffice: Traditional audio conferencing has many gatekeepers that slow you down. They have been automated. You have the power now.
  • Integrated voice & data features: Historically separate phone and data services are now powerfully integrated.
  • 24x7x365: Use Leader Phone® whenever and however you wish, night and day. Whatever your need.
  • No contract needed: Leader Phone® requires no long term contract. You pay for what you use. Enterprise service level agreements are available.
  • Customer-focused: Unlike traditional conferencing with its inflexible features, Leader Phone® features are continuously enhanced to meet customer needs.
  • Proven: Leader Phone® delivered powerfully, without interruption, during Hurricane Katrina life-saving.
Customer Testimonials

"I love Leader Phone. I manage the product placement of 100´s of major food brands in the Midwest. Leader Phone makes it easy to get my dispersed workforce together and helps me avoid costly travel meetings."

—Mike Strall
Columbus, Ohio

"Leader Phone helped cut half the time out of our weekly sales calls. I especially like the "blast dial" feature that automatically calls everyone at the appointed time. This ensures that at least our Leader Phone meetings start on time! Your service is wonderful." Carol Sherman
Boise, Idaho
What are your audio conferencing alternatives?
  • Keep using expensive services that make you do things one way — their way.
  • Pay an additional $1,000 for each local travel meeting and $5,000 for each flight travel meeting. Keep playing phone tag trying to add additional participants. Pay extra for every value-added service too.
  • Use your internal PBX phone system to dial the first participant, then ask him or her to hold while you bridge the second participant. Put the first participant called on hold. Dial the second participant. Bridge the second participant into the call. Say hello to the first and second participants and tell them that you are going to add three more participants who will come on one at a time without notice but that they can start talking while you bridge the additional participants. Dial the third participant. Bridge the third participant into the call. Dial the fourth participant. Bridge the fourth participant into the call. Dial the fifth participant. Bridge the fifth participant into the call. Now enter the call yourself and your call can now fully start. (Note: Two clicks in Leader Phone® Pro can accomplish this.)
  • Keep waiting for stragglers and wasting valuable employee time.
  • Do nothing. Ignore your productivity killers and let them keep eating away at your profitability.
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